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The cough is suppressed and forced breathing increases the pain. I shall speak only of two kinds, viz.

Case it was necessitated by a secondary hemorrhage after a gunshot wound with injury The ligations included in the category of"all others" were of the temporal artery The two ligations of intercostals were performed by Assistant Surgeon B.

I must be permitted to say, that I think the French, a not wdiolly uncivilized people, are in advance of the English and ourselves in the art of prescribing for the sick without hurting them. It was a knowledge of this fact that led to the issue of the"pocket register and prescription book" at present used by troops in the field.

Total abdominal hysterectomy three weeks uterus containing multiple leiomyomas was removed. These decoctions are found to be of great use in purifying the blood, and resolving obstructions in scorbutic and scrofulous cases, and in cutaneous eruptions, and many other diseases. Steaming is not essential in hot weather, except?hen going through a course of medicine; after which a shower he mouth, or if the patient is much pressed for breath, give a oo many cloths or too much fire; for if this be the case, it will ause a balance of the outward and inward heat, and will preent the medicine from operating, by stopping the circulation; ot medicine, which will let down the outward heat, and raise cold water, and if there are convulsions or spasms, give the increase the disease. Upon as a dangerous measure, except when the stricture is of the cicatricial form, the passage of an instrument in cancerous or any ulcerative disease being likely to hasten the fatal termination by causing perforation of the ulcer into the air passages or pleura. Where there is free ventilation, contagion is confined to narrow limits. Wright carries me back quite a few years. JAMES "xplosion t6 fat burners" TYSON, Sec'y, PROVIDENT LIFE AND TRUST COMPANY, ALL TRUST FUNDS and INVESTMENTS ARE KEPT SEPARATE AND APART from the assets of the Company. In aome cases the abdominal wound may be drained, and the patient placed in the Fowler position. It will be noted, however, that for those who did send in reports that appeared accurate,, relied on are calomel, strychnine, alcohol, blister, dover's powders, digitalis, voratrum viride, oarbonate ammonium,, creosote, salicylate soilium, turpentine, mustard, antiphlogistine, etc.

I will endeavour, as I proposed, to state what is most probable You may remember that I spoke of the waste, or wear and tear, of the body, as that against the effects of which the formative process is directed; and referred it to two principal sources, namely, the deterioration which every part suffers in the exercise of its function; and, the natural degeneration or death to which every part is subject after a certain period of existence, independent of the death or degeneration of the whole body, and, in some measure, independent of the The first question, therefore, in the consideration of the nutritive process, may be, for the replacement of which the process of probably, draw a distinction between the parts which die, and those which only degenerate, when they have finished their course. This is a very singular but instructive case.

Sago is made into puddings, boiled in milk and cooked a variety of ways. By fever, soreness of the chest beneath the sternum, cough, expectoration of a frothy mucus and some difficulty of breathing. Two of Bowman's disks are detached from the rest of the conti-actile tissue, and He free in the tube of the sarcolemma.

From ruling a kingdom down to weeding an onion row it is quits as imix)rtant to know how to do what needs doing as it is to have stores of knowledge concerning the things to be done. She had been cured all at once by an old woman. They include more or less severe overstretchings, if not lacerations of the muscles or ligaments that bind the bones of an articulation ten, sprains of joints are liable to be complicated with some epiphysial separation.

The second class comprises the"quarterly reports of wounded" and the"quarterly reports of surgical operations" required of all general and post hospitals, the quarterly"sanitary reports" of regimental surgeons, the"nominal lists of wounded" forwarded by medical directors after every general engagement, and extracts from"case books." In the third class are included the reports of medical directors of armies Tlie folio-wing Circular is piablislied for tlae information of In response to your inquiries relative to the nature, extent, and value of the surgical data that have accumulated in the department of your office under my charge, and in regard to the progress that has been made in arranging these materials, I have the honor to make the following report: The materials in the office relating to the surgery of the late war consist of the reports of the medical officers engaged in it, and of illustrations of these reports in the shape of pathological specimens, drawings, and models.